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Legend of Solgard is an exciting new game where our hero, Embla, battles the forces of darkness to protect the nine realms. Collect a party of Creatures, each with special abilities, and do battle against those who wish to destroy Solgard.

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Legend of Solgard is a puzzle battle game where you combine Creatures in order to attack your enemy and create defenses. Combine three characters vertically, and you’ll create a Creature that can attack. Combine three horizontally and you’ll create a barrier to defend yourself. The number on each Creature indicates how much damage they will deal, and also how much they can endure.

The goal is to defeat your enemy by passing their defenses and dealing damage. The first to reduce their opponent’s Hit Points to zero wins the battle.

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There are many Creatures in the world of Solgard that can be added to your formidable army. Each have their own abilities and statistics. Check out the Characters section for information on you Creatures and your enemies.

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